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Safety is the most reliable of 220 million people choose to sit for safekeeping on the Internet more than any security company. Avast! It is the most trusted name in the industry antivirus, actively protecting more than 220 million people worldwide. We safeguard dataa devices for over 25 years in over 40 languages, live on every continent

Avast! Pro Antivirus / Internet Security / Premier 2016 finals

Our data security package adds more advanced level razburennevaennyyaand antivirus updates automatically softwareademais, firewall, and security of your network cartref.Avast! only the most reliable in the antivirus software is actively protecting more than 200 million PC, Mac, and Android.

Automatic software updates

Hackers want to explore the old software. This is the weakest link in security most nations. Avast Premier awtomeiddioDiweddariad software, so do you have to think about it.

Put a few steps forward

shukayudlya end? youYou are the right place. In addition to all the features of Internet Safety, vostedeestá receive additional security measures, keeping their cyfrifiadurona networks safer.

Yes, your computer can run

If your computer can run Windows version fully treat the prime minister. Period.

New in this version (April 6, 2016):

SafeZone browser now also includes a version free

Avast software updates now awtomatiga mavchytspa default – can bechanged by the upgrade options

PC running more

Fixed problems for Windows 7 Firewall

did snooze restart dialogue

standing start mode of payment SafeZone ennavegador

Best signature for e-mail notifications and

system requirements

chiMae need at least Windows XP (SP2). Windows Vista, 7, 8, or even support them altogether (except Starter Edition device or RT) as a varyyantse32 and 64 pieces. 10-year-old Pentium 3 will, with 128 MB of RAM 2 GB of hard drive spaceavailable.
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Now imagine a stellar performance with its new equipment!


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