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AVG Antivirus Pro 2016

AVG AntiVirus Pro 2016 (x86 / x64) Multilingual

AVG Antivirus 2016 is an award winning antivirus that detects and blocks viruses, threats and malware. It includes many new features that make it to market one of the most effective virus scanners. If you want to use your computer every day, you need protection that’s always there, constantly keeping you safe. AVG AntiVirus 2016, you get hassle-free protection against the most sophisticated threats, online and offline. Simple and easyfully equipped interfeysabyadnats gebruikdie not use good anti-virus protection in a simple design. It also includes new features, in particular, to keep your personal information.

AVG Antivirus 2016 can detect and warn about potential security risks, providing a simple press of the button, Auto-Fix button automatically detecteerthet problem and the system better protection.

By rewriting the scanning engine, AVG Antivirus 2016 includes support for multipleprocessors. Dyspetcharamshto job you are always protected against the latest threats outomatieselke 02:00.

AVG AntiVirus 2016 will ensure your safety on the internet:

Antivirus.Helpen stop, remove and spread of viruses, worms and Trojan horses are programs.

Anti-Malware. Protect yourself from malware on your computer, and no help to stop infected.

Anti-Rootkit. Help maintain control of your computer in your hand, not a few hackers.

E-mail Scanner. Discover infectedor rogue inbound attachments so they can not harm your computer. pratsuyuchyUbudova e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook or POP3 scanner, IMAP SMTPen account.

Protective cloud technology. investigations preventing new threats in the cloud via automatic updates for antivirus software.

Community Network Protection. Immediately test any new threat from a member of our society in the field of protection for everyone. This contributes to significantly betterantivirus protection for all AVG community.

AVG LinkScanner Surf-Shield. Intelligent praduhilennyashto technology stops you store with us to infected or malicious websites.
Actively monitors netvoordat print each site and stops you find suspicious, if anything.

Protection of social netwerken.Check the links that get exchanged, if you’re on social networks like asTwitter, etc. to help you and your friends safe.

AVG Online Shield. Checks files before downloading,make sure they are not dangerous, and to protect you if you are using MSN, Yahoo and ICQ to the exchange.

dereal-time detection of disease outbreaks. vykarystanneprasunuty artificial intelligence to your computer for malware samples that have Havent identifiseergekatalogiseer our team AVG Threat Labs proactively. Detection of AI constantly studying the telemetry data of our users.

Detection of AI. Added crowd intelligence to the existing detection technology in the cloud-based outbreakseven identify the most recent versions of malware outbreaks in real-time.

AVG Antivirus 2016 is built for speed a slow piece:

TURBOSCAN.Drastisch reduces the time skanavannyadyakuyuchy intelligent scanning sequence, the order in which the files are stored on the hard drive.

Game on. Keep skanderingsen updates remotely while avoiding delays and freezes play. In addition, to protect your digital section hackers to steal and sell your game rewards.

IntelligentScanner. Just scan your computer when not in use. Go to a low-priority mode when you move the mouse or press a key. To scan times to maintain a minimum, faylyyanaal ignores scanned, and is safe.

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