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Parents Cheyz Morgan Chase called it, in the hope that it will continue to do as the man of action. Instead, he stood against the opposite. But in the last year of high school, someone comes along who turns it around. Gria has charisma, intelligence, character and the things that his best friend ChaseOB is interested. She also has a history of which she knows nothing. It moves to reach a classmate Bobby, who have difficulties in relationships that have gone too far. Bobby and her priyatelborbata decisions about life and death, it attracts Griakab discuss the origin of the teacherChase risked life and the spread of the Christian faith. The result is the respect and reconciliation of conflicts and salvation.

Two pairs of high school to explore friendship and dates on different lines leading to the courage and transformation adnagopadletak and personal crisis to another. If you are newGria Davis comes to class discussions, “Christians Shelter» defies Chase and OB zastanatda take that Halglyo. Gria embodies the warmth and confidence, making friend and foe. Her faith in the world vitaetstsaklasa less than other ideas. Since confront institutional double standards on freedomword, the school faced a Christian teacher who failed. During Gria gets a classmate who got into destructive relationships. With the growth of druzhbyraz afraid even to name Cheyssledvayte his bold example and taking a great personal risk, to find their own voice.

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