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Busker 2017

BuskerSynopsis is not available.

Language: Malay

Subtitles: no

Classification: P13

General launch date: January 11, 2018.

Genre: romance / teenage

Duration: 1 hour and 54 minutes

Distributor: Astro Shaw

Cast: Hail Mikail, Diyan Trisha, Anas Ridzuan, Bulan, Liya Natalia, Mas Khan.

Director: Kay Fariz

Format: 2D

After MuseOne’s tragic death of his girlfriend, Samuel Salomon’s literary teacher was a repetitive nightmare, a murderous womanritualom.
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Odnazhdy When I saw the death of a woman of a million, I lose, in fact, Samuel infiltrates crocodiles to find the answer. There, Rachel also says a woman, when she also dreamed of a murder. Together they will do all the things to know about the identity of the secret woman.

In english

Subtitles: Malay / Chinese

Classification: NA

General publication date: January 25, 2001

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Working day: not available

Distributor: GSC Movies


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