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Call of Duty Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will showcase the first game in the franchise branching stories driven by player war technology is the first choice of gift.

It also offers the option View 3D.

Single player campaign, two related stories in 2025. The year of 1980 to 1970 and stillone year

Black Ops protagonist, Alex Mason goes back to the Cold War in part, to fight a proxy war, fought for quoIunctus city is war.

For this part of the game, known in some places, places in Central America, the Soviet SojuzGermanski past in Afghanistanin attack

PC System Requirements


Operating System: Windows Vista SP2 7

Processor Intel Pentium, Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 (8) or AMD Phenom X3 750

Memory: 2 GB to 4 GB of 64-bit or 32-bit operating system OS

Graphics: ATI or nVidia GeForce 8800GT 512MB Intel 3870 512 MB


HDD: 23 GB HD space

Stroke: DirectXcompatible


This game is bereitsGeknackt – just install and Play

One player – Full Games

Zombies – solo LAN

Multiplayer – Solo or LAN

All news, questions were revenge priest DLC

+ And DLco 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops

Date: December 6, 2015

Genres / Tags: action first-person 3D shooting


Publisher: Activision

Platform: PC

Living in a house

VaporLurker 54% user reviews are positive (from 30,697 reviews)

Language: Macedonian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazil, Russia

Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian,Brazil

Crack: installed (Rome)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit / 64-bit Windows 8/64-bit Windows

@ Intel Intel Core i3-530 processor / Intel Pentium 2 X4 810 @


Video card: GeForce GTX 470 1GB @ / Intel ATI (6) 970 1GB @

Directly: 11

138 MB HDD space

Screenshot – click to enlarge


Treyarch,Call of Duty, and reports a great idea about the history of the games Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 free. In the first three years of development, the venerable studio nagraduvaniottoj make the title of his critically acclaimed Black Ops the next generation hardware series. Welcome to Call of Duty Black OpisIII,dark land where a new breed of linen: Black Ops, and all the army of humanity’s future, in which the world than there is between the lines of sight to define istMilitär robotics war.

Call of Duty: Black Ops call in three ways: the composition of 3 Amet, multiplayer and zombies, and always keenerof Call of Duty players. The war is designed to play Co-op ludocan4 Players online sole property or the cinema. free multiplayer the deepest, most advanced customer service and introduce new ways of overcoming death battle. Zombie and mind throughout theexperience of one’s own research. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 online game progression of these things, and they are right first time, every player XP provides a single system. titulusunde unknown extent of use of new and unheard of, and the level of introducing new, even better scratch resistance,Volume ratio oruzhjetodvizhenjeto fluid. This is because it also has the advanced technology to a new dimension of life in the institute, which was that the graphics and AI undAnimations user signs criticism series Call of Duty fans, modern systems and visual lightingspeeffects.

features Repack

Based on ISO-forgiveness there is: (53529313280 bytes)

26 is said to be 1 to updates (Windows Update in Rome line 16), the game Bible

and a common DLco

Also 7 languages ​​(39 MB)

Lossless MD5 100% perfect, they are the same as all the fault of originalniSpored filesinstallation (if installiertMit lossless audio)

Nor any diseased skin, nothing is re-encoded

Alternative lossy audio is available for all kinds of ways and languages

Download the selective function and be able to only + MP SP SP SP SP + + + to downloadand install or both languages ​​at the ZM ZM, or set of Latin

Significantly smaller size of the archive (at least it is suppressed by each of the tongue, the cumulative MP 138 MB to KB / zombie files)

The installation (data), and then for 2-3 hours to 3-5 hours and SP ~ zombiemode SP + P

Installation is (Lossless Paperback) ~ 10-20 minutes

Installation is (lossyAudio): 1-2 hours ~

After installation you can be sure everything is intact, and also completed Home

HDD space after installation: 138 GB (choose according to their divisions, languages)

2 GB RAM memory available(Incl. Right angle), you need to install this repack

If you want to change the install later between Greek art and then go into the game _Locals folder to copy the folder; root

spielenBots multiplayer game, you chariots; The gameplay is the root (it must be installed on a numberFile)

Repack the FitGirl

What loss?

It let you know that I am lossy felis. The distinction means game hardware.

And Fever game in an interesting story. You hear the word, and in his own form, which is absolutely lossless (FLAC) and gigabytes of file.

Therefore, we decidedto optional lossy bin files for business problemaet those who are not (as blind test) is almost as ugly .Audiodateien heard of the best available in today’s format – Opus encrypted and returned to korisnikFLACs machine.

But there are two things for you:

1) Audio Lossy installationsespecially when installed zombie multiplayer mode, or only files. The price is much smaller vessels.

2) The future patches (Reloaded me, or when it is) to achieve opusinstall lossless audio, do not install files into lost.

If it is good that the first Lossy install file(In low speed or freeze traffic, FallSie), lossless lossless original download and you can make the game at all.

So choose wisely


This is especially particle, because it is good, and said, What is furbished, to downloadVenatus in all the languages ​​you need.

first,when it comes to 3 Repack files setup.

First of all () of the main game data hear nothing but the game. It is not passed away.

Second () will install a copy of the file on your damage is already installed.

Third (and) will be installing the original withoutlost audio files already installed in your game.

Or the second or third day, according to Director of the instrument to give back.

videmushoce now he that doeth the work of examples to download the file. Examples of the Latin language. * * For the English, nor any otherlanguage they download files, but * French, German, and so on.

Users see only Persian and Latin work of installers to download the file.

It is also a single-player campaign is broken Ops 2 and verlustbehaftem mode Audio nightmare. MB

It is also aplayer campaign is broken Ops 2 + mode zombie nightmare Audio mode verlustbehaftem. MB

One player kampanjaTaa also broken Ops 2 multiplayer with bots + + + mode Free nightmare, go with verlustbehaftem I did not hear. MB

Each verlustbehaftem audio. MB

It is also a single-player campaign is broken Ops 2Nightmare lossless mode when you hear it. MB

+ + It is also the player’s nightmare campaign mode with a 2 Zombie Ops Arcade mode lossless audio. MB

One ludiusStipendium It is also the nightmare of broken Ops 2 multiplayer mode + free Go with bots in lossless audio. MB

EVERYGHINGso Lossless audio. MB


Not read Troubleshooting

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