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Cisco, Hacking and Security, Network, Video

Todd Lammle, CCNA / CCNP / CCSP / CCVP, CEH / CEFI, FCC RF license, author Sybex a popular and training GlobalNet Training involved in computers and networks companies Fortune 500 more than two years. He has worked for large companies such as: Hughes Aircraft, Xerox, Texaco, Toshiba, Cisco, AAA and IBM, among many.

Todd shared his knowledge of the network and experiences in more than 45 Sybex educational guides, including his best-selling Cisco CCNA Study Guide. Is considered the best seller,despite the saleCiscoPress.

Module 1 Internet works

Introduction to Hardware Networking and OSI Reference Model 7 Modeling Procedure and their Ethernet network

Module 2: use TCP / IP

Introducing interactive interface technology interfaceDoD application Hosts to Host Layer protocols Layer Protocol Protocol Written Lab

Module 3: IP address, Subnetting, VLSM and Summarization

Introducing IP Addressing Hexadecimal and Binary Addressing Class C Subnetting Class B Subnetting Class A Subnetting Lengthor Subnet Masks

Module 4: CiscoIOS presentation

How to boot router and switches the type of memory router and switch user mode mode special mode management mode her name banner password

Module 5: IOS management and IP troubleshooting

How to check and copy your IOS to a tftp server How to check and copy IOS from a serverTFTP How to check and copy your settings to ftp

Module 6: IP routing

Introduction to IP routing Dynamic routepad Route RIP routing route RIPv2 Routing RoutingLabs manual: stable route

Module 7: EIGRPEn OSPF

IGRP improvementsIntroduction and confirmation of EIGRP OSPF presentation OSPF Wildcard masking OSPF OSPF Select Hands-on Lab

Module 8: Changing and changing the panel Step 2

Presentation Change the layer-2 table address MAC Three kinds of switch Voltage-Tree Protocol (STP) Set Root STP Bridge

Module 9: VirtualLANs (VLANs)

Introduction to virtual LANs VLAN settings Membership with switches Switch interface configuration Inter-VLAN routers Routeron a stick

Module 10: Access lists

List of access lists Membership list StandardAccess Account Extension list Access Account settings Lists Access with letters, inspectors and

module11: Translation of the network address

Network Interface Presentation (NAT) Static NAT NAT Activation Translation Port (PAT) Monitoring and troubleshooting NAT

Module 12: Wireless LANs

Wireless LANs use WLAN technologies IEEE Mobile Security WLAN memoryLabs: WLAN traffic analysis

Module13: IPv6

Introducing IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 routing protocols Configuring and controlling IPv6 Hands-on Labs: IPv6 configurationand detection

Module 14: Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Security Device Manager

Using the NetworkWide Are Networks High Definition Data Connection Control (HDLC) Point-to-Point (PPP) Frame Relay Security Device Management (CoversSDM)

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Hitman 2 Download Free Torrent

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Hitman 2

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin promotes a single saga between the game history mix. Take control of the killer and remove all your customers’ wishes. You must avoid notifications and perform any function correctly and efficiently. But in this process you can choose your own death in your own mind

Hitman 2: The Assassin Silence puts you in the role of 47 agent, a killer with an interesting team of his team. As Agent 47 you will travel around the world and act brutally, butAttacks not based on many different goals – some simple, more complex. Your main goal is to avoid being infected, which means you are joining the ideas if you want to succeed in your mission.

Match which qualified players are given

One of the most rewarding thingsHitman 2: Silent Assassin is the only way to give players the best performers. After the end of the contract, you will be rewarded with a view to how well you have committed suicide. Game focuses on how you used to hide,against what amount of oppression, and to pay properly. It does not matter whether you are a hard player die or aggressive person, it’s for you.

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360 Total Security 32bit-64bit Shorty fast-dl Download Torrent

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360 Total Security

360 Total Security is one of the most comprehensive and effective antivirus programs available for free and protects against most of the threats they can come from available on the Internet.

Virus protection and more

The virus uses five antivirus engines, including 360 CVMII engine, Avira and BitDefender. scan the computer for threats quickly, and we were impressed by the daddy’s attention. If the removal of the detected threat instance will requirere-launch 360 Total Securityzal say.

The Avira- and Bitdefender engines are disabled by default. That’s good because it increases the operational use of the memory, but you need them as an option if you want more security. 360 Total Security also includes additional browser extensions that let you know when you visit sites can be malicious. The Walking Dead 32bit-64bit portable Download Torrent
We will not try too much because most browsers will warn you today if the site is safe ordangerous.


Acceleration and seems a mixed blessing. Both for work, but not as comfortable as they could be. You can specify when cleaning offers to delete files that can not be deleted, because how they are used, annoying Kotoryeeto.

Acceleration really slows down memory, which gives more energy to start the game and poor applications. but we had some problems. We had to reinstall Google Chrome after a revivalhas been carried out because the change has been made without warning us that means Chrome is running the Wrath panel.

Easy to use and discreet

360Total Security is very easy to use, with a simple interface that is easy to navigate. It explains that every function and is easy to configure. If you are looking for an antivirus solution that is not intrusive and lets you do everything that you do 360 Total Security is a good choice.


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Garena Download

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It allows you to connect to the global network Garena + players in the game, so you always have someone to play against.

Garena + currently supports rather than a limited number of games, but does not include any major titles such as Age of Empires 1 and 2, Battlefield 2: Bordelands, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Call Of Duty: World War II with free resources Call of Duty 2, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Red Alert 3, Starcraft, Team Fortress2and that 3 hours.

If Garena + download and install, you need to log in to create a so-Garena network. Garena’s Avatar, designated here in the city, does not recognize you. You can immediately see who is online and who the players have chance like you. Garena + some more than others, while some games focus more on World of Warcraft 3, which is an online video channel mode at a high level of championship.

Snosheniyas has anotherplayers, Garena + Post setting has its own instant messages, as well as squares and the internal order of business games. And there are more users with experience points and the right market function.

Garena + is not compatible with a big enough name, but it is necessary to find like-minded people, is an easy way players.

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Minecraft Forge x64 download

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Minecraft Forge

Minecraft Forge is a tool that allows you to install mods and create popular Minecraft servers.

Access to thousands of changes for Minecraft

To use hundreds or even thousands of modifications available for Minecraft, you need a tool to install it. Minecraft Forge – one of the most popular among theMinecraft community, with one of the most modified moddymnogo.

Many sites list these changes, such as the official wiki for Minecraft Forge, PlanetMinecraft and SourcePack.

In addition to installing and managing mods, Minecraft Forge allows you to install your own server for Minecraft. You can take yourparty and invite players to play with you.

Complex installation

installationMinecraft Forge can be a little more complicated, but you will find all the necessary help on the wiki and dedicated forums. After the installation is complete, add new changes is very simple: just move the files to the mod folder in thethe Minecraft installation folder. http://murvetkircabulut.com.tr/index.php/2017/05/07/winrar-5-40-x64-download/

The necessary tool for mods

If you want to increase Minecraft models, Minecraft Forge is an indispensable tool.


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Adobe Creative Cloud update Torrent

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Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is the replacement for Adobe for Adobe Creative Suite. It consists of all major desktop applications, including Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

Hundreds of new cloud-related features have been added to the package, including file synchronization, team member feedback, fonts, settings, and updates.

Although the app still exists on your desktop, additional cloud dimensions mean collaboration is easier than ever.

AdobeCCC 2017 Master Collection

Creativeclouds offer the best creative tools in the world, always updated. And now all apps and resources, including the new Adobe Stock Images are always at hand, exactly where they serve. And everything is perfectly integrated via Adobe CreativeSinc technology, so you can easily convert your light colors to the best projects via desktop and mobile devices.
http://murvetkircabulut.com.tr/index.php/2017/07/22/adobe-creative-cloud-2015-download-torrent/ DEVICE. CREATIVE CLOUD.

MasterCard Master CCC 2017 Collection of recorded program list:

Adobe After Effects 2017 multilingual (k64)

Adobe AnimateCC2017 multilingual (k64)

Adobe Audition CC 2017 multilingual

Adobe Bridge CC 2017 multilingual (k86k64)

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 multilingual (k86k64)

Adobe InCopi CC 2017 multilingual (k86k64)

Adobe InDesign CC 2017 multilingual (k86k64)

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2017 multilingual

Adobe Muse CC Multilingual + Crack

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 multilingual (k86k64)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 multilingual

Home page




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Video to Video Converter 64-Bit Download Torrent

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Video to Video Converter

Video to Video Converter is a useful free software for Windows, which belongs to the category of under-hobby software in jokes to students (in particular, video animation), and the media converter is made.

for more information about video converter for video

Like this program we added toour catalog in 2013, we have reached 2 million units, and this week is aposhniia 100 downloads.

This is available for users of the Windows XP system and earlier versions, available in English, Spanish and French.
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 8 Download Torrent
His current version, and the last time he was restored on May 5, 2013.

Video to VideoConverter is a program that takes up less space in memory than many home and hobby programs. velmishiroka is used in India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Video to Video Converter supports the following formats

– video: AVI, DivKs, XviD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC / H264, FLV, SVF, MOV, ASF m2ts,AVI, WebM and VOB, 3GP, 3GPP2, KT, SVK; VCD SVCD, DVD, RM, RM, Rav Video VC3 / DNkHD GIF

– Video: MP2 Video, MP3, VMA, MP3, AIFF and OGG, MAP, APE, AAC, AMR, MMF, AU African

Total Video Converter is a Multiformat video converter, editor and player.

iakiiaUsiago can Converter?

if there areVideo applications,Video Converter supports packet formats. It can not only convert between different file formats, but also convert video to many mobile devices, burn DVDs or upload online.

Total Video Converter is also loaded with additional devices. toredactarvideathe main player, the tool for taking screenshot, shooting and many other games. All these tools are available by clicking on the main interface and do not require a special download.

It makes it very easy to add files

Total Video Converter allows you to add files to convert easily, with good resistancefluid ifunkcja traps. This means that you can save videos that you want to quickly convert, leaving you time to get to know other things.

In general, Video Converter software I do not like to use. it feels frustrated and often freezes, especially when trying to use itvideo editing tools. This is not too attractive, but the interface is malfunctioning, sometimes the keys are not displayed properly.

kaliTotal Video Converter is fast, but it’s just bugs, it does not look worth the effort. tobacco and non-intrusive, and despite the fact that aid documentation is complete,use the application so boring to wonder if this is far away.


Video Converter supports many formats, but it’s so wrong, not that it does not matter.


Add a simple video editing tool that supports sharp and video blending, which is still in the frame

Download Flash video supportsWindows 7

Download Flash Download supports MP4

Adding a new engine that supports video formats MTS, M2TS, AVI, RM

persanal16kuzoraka per second Neli Moser audio

Total Video Converter supports the following formats


Sound: SDA, MP3, MP2, RA, VAV, AMA MP3, AU, iSVF


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Microsoft Visio 2016 Windows XP/7/8/10 Download Torrent

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Microsoft Visio 2016

* Microsoft Visio 2016 x64 Pro VL MULTI-17. April 2016 {Gen2}


* This version contains one ISO and 16 executable SVF files.

* All exe files are created from the original ISO for each language.

* This happens with SmartVersion, the program that calculates

* Difference between two files (one of which is used as a source)

* and then creates an SVF file based on this difference.


* The abbreviation values ​​and source information included in the separatent

*Download ISO source and preferred language

* If you want EN-US, just download SOURCE ISO

* Run the SVF file in the same folder as the ISO SOURCE.

* It will be possible to extract the ORIGINAL ISO and play it back.

* in the selected language.



* IS ORIGINAL ISO for each language.

* Arabic

* Danish

* German

* Greek

* English

* Spanish

* Finnish

* French


* Norwegian


* Polish

* Brazilian

* Portuguese

* Russian


* Turkish


* Size: 597 MB

















* Activator: KMSpico

*, milev stevie161057 for continuous support and help with user questions

* I hope you like this issue!

* With respect,

* Generation2 @ ET, KATTPB

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 is an enterprise installer, professional and collaborative editions with all supportedLanguages ​​(including English).

MicrosoftVisual C 2008 is a standard software package that has been used to create applications for PCs for almost a decade. Developers love this system for its improved features and built-in editing capabilities. It can work with .NET and Frameworks, so most modern systems will not have any problems running your software. Many guides and guides are available in this package.

The main purpose andthe tools

MicrosoftVisual C 2008 was originally developed as an “Express” version of Visual Studio 2008. It is suitable for both beginners and professionals. This is especially useful because you can work with Microsoft SQL Server Express.
Camfrog Video Chat 6
It is possible to build native architecture such as Windows Development Foundation (WDF) and Windows Workflow (WF) with Microsoft Visual C 2008.

Other advantages

This package is perfect for veterans because they are an automated process withinYour own architecture. Other tasks include querying the database, manipulating data, and implementing XML. Because this package is completely free to download, it can be a great tool for programmers and developers of all skill levels.


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7 Zip x86 x64 download free torrent

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7 Zip

To unzip and compress files, 7-Zip is a great freeware alternative to WinRAR.

The 7-Zip interface is similar to its rivals, with one of the major file managers and a command line lookup and a selection of files for extracting or compressing. The control panel has important basics, such as an extraction,adding and testing, as well as copying, moving, and deleting functions for file management. 7-Zip extracts and compresses files as fast as WinZip and WinRAR and processes the main archive formats, such as ZIP, TAR, Rari ISO.

archiving, where 7-Zip distinguishes most of its competitors. If WinZip is onlyallows you to compress ZIP and RAR WinRAR or ZIP, 7zip offers you up to 5 different compressed formats to choose from. 7-Zip allows you to select the update mode depending on whether you want to add and replace files, update the archive, or synchronize files. If you do not want someone to open your archive without yoursyou can set a password to protect the file.

We especially liked the split tool because it can put your file in equal parts, which can be placed on the reduction of floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, is convenient if you need to distribute especially largearchive. Unfortunately, security is where 7-Zip lags behind its main competitors. Unable to scan for viruses and you can not restore corrupted files.

7-Zip can not be as safe as WinZip or WinRAR, but it is definitely more versatile. It works with a large number of archivesformats and prapanovshmat useful tools such as updating or splitting mode. If you feel too limited with WinZip, and if you do not like WinRAR, we recommend that you try the 7-Zip and take all of its features.

7-Zip is a great tool for file compression,much more flexible than his most famous rivals.


Some bugs have been fixed

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Mozilla Thunderbird FastDL Download

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a desktop mail client, Microsoft Outlook is an alternative, Firefox developer.

Thunderbird is a free, award-winning solution for Mozilla to more effectively manage your email. And there are many advantages to change, too. Unlike e-mail, for example, it can work on virtual identities and create on the fly and is considered universally regarded as having one of the best antispam filters. Recently abnovlenySlick igwnewch tabs interfaceto manage their email easier.

The fact that Firefox, like Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird can regulate with any kind of expansion, email client makes it very competitive. In addition, now much faster and more stable than before, the Gecko 5 engine.

Go Go

Mozilla Thunderbird Stvarennebyazbolny. You can add fewnfudo’ch links to Outlook or email accounts and quickly set up POP3, IMAP and SMTP mailboxes. To maintain order, Mozilla Thunderbird offers filters to placeyour mail folders and mailboxes in a separate home. And, of course, not wiryddydd spells built to ensure that messages will be handled professionally.

Mozilla Thunderbird that does a little nezvychaynymtoy fact that it is equipped with an integrated RSS reader. Today is a bit old because many people use a standalone application – or even Firefox – stick to RSS feeds, but it can be ddefnyddiolos you just follow the RSS feeds at the same timewriting messages.

Email search engine

Thunderbird Search Tool poshukadbyvaetstsa perfectly in real time while typing. Search results are displayed in a separate tab. Tabs are usually a very big part of Thunderbird and Firefox because you can have several news open in separate tabs. This is a great feature of Thunderbird though your testimony to too many news open Aberystwythunwaith. There is another feature that is also useful for the archive you do not wantDelete messages, but you want to free up the mailbox.

tamuyak about security? You would think that an open source mail client of nature is less secure than paychecks, but surprisingly Thunderbird spam filter is relatively safe with a bullet. The reason is that Thunderbird is regularly updated by volunteers with a primary interest in creating a better product, rather than using the regular security update terfynol.Mae, but a littledo not slow down Thunderbird.


One of the biggest selling points of Mozilla Thunderbird is that it offers support for Microsoft Exchange, and that means it will appeal to office users who have previously been cut.

On the other hand, application is lacking in some areas. Thunderbird does not offer email, style conversations, in Gmail (when the extension to hynGellir download separately), and is the Investment Management and Investment Photo. There is no calendar,But again, it can be downloaded separately in the form of “Lightning”.

Overall, this is a great alternative to Thunderbird for Microsoft Outlook.

Want to know more apps and software? Find the best email client in our business solutions website.


ramontDaleyshaya safety is a problem that sometimes causes pollution in local folders after filtration (815 012)

The problem that is caused to eliminate the projects are storedIMAP folders and inactive mode is now set (805626)

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