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Cisco, Hacking and Security, Network, Video

Todd Lammle, CCNA / CCNP / CCSP / CCVP, CEH / CEFI, FCC RF license, author Sybex a popular and training GlobalNet Training involved in computers and networks companies Fortune 500 more than two years. He has worked for large companies such as: Hughes Aircraft, Xerox, Texaco, Toshiba, Cisco, AAA and IBM, among many.

Todd shared his knowledge of the network and experiences in more than 45 Sybex educational guides, including his best-selling Cisco CCNA Study Guide. Is considered the best seller,despite the saleCiscoPress.

Module 1 Internet works

Introduction to Hardware Networking and OSI Reference Model 7 Modeling Procedure and their Ethernet network

Module 2: use TCP / IP

Introducing interactive interface technology interfaceDoD application Hosts to Host Layer protocols Layer Protocol Protocol Written Lab

Module 3: IP address, Subnetting, VLSM and Summarization

Introducing IP Addressing Hexadecimal and Binary Addressing Class C Subnetting Class B Subnetting Class A Subnetting Lengthor Subnet Masks

Module 4: CiscoIOS presentation

How to boot router and switches the type of memory router and switch user mode mode special mode management mode her name banner password

Module 5: IOS management and IP troubleshooting

How to check and copy your IOS to a tftp server How to check and copy IOS from a serverTFTP How to check and copy your settings to ftp

Module 6: IP routing

Introduction to IP routing Dynamic routepad Route RIP routing route RIPv2 Routing RoutingLabs manual: stable route

Module 7: EIGRPEn OSPF

IGRP improvementsIntroduction and confirmation of EIGRP OSPF presentation OSPF Wildcard masking OSPF OSPF Select Hands-on Lab

Module 8: Changing and changing the panel Step 2

Presentation Change the layer-2 table address MAC Three kinds of switch Voltage-Tree Protocol (STP) Set Root STP Bridge

Module 9: VirtualLANs (VLANs)

Introduction to virtual LANs VLAN settings Membership with switches Switch interface configuration Inter-VLAN routers Routeron a stick

Module 10: Access lists

List of access lists Membership list StandardAccess Account Extension list Access Account settings Lists Access with letters, inspectors and

module11: Translation of the network address

Network Interface Presentation (NAT) Static NAT NAT Activation Translation Port (PAT) Monitoring and troubleshooting NAT

Module 12: Wireless LANs

Wireless LANs use WLAN technologies IEEE Mobile Security WLAN memoryLabs: WLAN traffic analysis

Module13: IPv6

Introducing IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 routing protocols Configuring and controlling IPv6 Hands-on Labs: IPv6 configurationand detection

Module 14: Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Security Device Manager

Using the NetworkWide Are Networks High Definition Data Connection Control (HDLC) Point-to-Point (PPP) Frame Relay Security Device Management (CoversSDM)

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