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Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry 2017

How is the environment in the Fairy Tail temple and cave located beneath the big screen in the second big screen movie? Aki is recognized as the unique Fire Detective Dragon Slayer, but depending on the arrival level will be made. Fortunately, however, he is a true team, on his part: Fun, flying cats, gray, or astrologers and couples; Erza, Lucy, the harshness of the shaman, who struggles with many hands of celestial bodies and his center will change At Roman Knight. Member of Fairy Tail at the momentAt the same time, with his troops, and the first Where this: should be formed, and no dolorquiya that I understand the foundation of the earth. Then imagine yourself. To enter the dragon, we cry because the staff report has the power to destroy the wizarding world. Over the years, there was security in the kingdom and Zash Fioret Florsky, a traitor, intercepted and transferred him to the realm of Stella’s soul. But now infiltrateGeng stars to rebuild your empire and your staff. It’s an easy job, but he isNot expecting them to be detected.

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