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Far Cry Singleplayer

Far Cry is an ego shooter game containing many elements of open exploration. As veteran special Jack Carver, you are alone on a tropical island, looking for the missing journalist. Against these mercenary groups, as well as other more exotic opponents. You need to explore the island, take the bad guys and get to the bottom of the housing.

Welcome to the jungle

Far Crydie compound for the first time opens exploration and osobyAkcja shooting started; It was a critical successAnd brought a series of sequels.The concept is not as innovative as in 2004 – the game was first released in 2004 – after all success breeds imitators – but the game is still tense and exciting.
Also compared to the modern parts of the game are well polished, like a really challenging AI opponent. If you played other ego shooter, you will not find too often during the controls, although the gameplay focuses on stealthI little tactical thinkingAs on heavy firepower – Jack Carver is certainly difficult, but it is not indestructible. Althoughdated according to modern standards, the graphics are still attractive.

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Far Cry is not the most advanced optical technology, but the gameplay is strong enough to return, or the first dive.


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