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Fate Stay Night Subtitled 2017

The boy wants to protect the girl. That’s his mind. Ten years after the Battle of the Holy Grail, launched by lords and officers on the donor’s container, the holy engraved war broke out in Fukyu. Shiru Emiath, son of Kiritugu Emias, who participated in the War of World War I beforeto fight, hoping Kirithus to die. Here’s a young girl next to Shiro, who loves him. Every morning she goes to Shirou’s house for breakfast and lunch, bringing her madness into the life of a boy who is completely alone in the world. But as the Holy War began, there was a change in the airin Fukui. Murder was enough in the whole city, and the atmosphere was unpleasant. Shiru decides to protect Sakura in his home. Together with Saber, the service he calls, Shiru is related to Rin Toshaka’s magic and participation in the Holy Sacred Wrestling begins to focus as a secret movementby invisible forces and gaming inserts.

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