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Everyone knows that there are two types of players – those who love Pro Evolution Soccer, and people like FIFA.

Until recently, I will tell you that people in the last camps are a group of fools who do not know any computer games or football. WinRAR 5.40 Due to a pair of last EA games, I was surprised that I was more impressed with FIFA (especially because this happened like Pro Evo, I would argue). FIFA 08 is the best release dateand it seems that the game has finally reached its age.

FIFA 08 games are much more fluid than ever before and thanks to some improvements to gun mechanisms, pressure defense, player features and even the influence of wind pressure, today is a realistic simulation of nice games The graphics are smooth, detailed and animated and the comments and effects of the crowd make it seem as you watch it on television. There is always the benefit of a license on its part, FIFA08 has a surprising 620 teamof30 leagues, and a total of over 1,500 true players you want.

Previous versions of management mode still exist, and FIFA 08 introduces new features that I want in football games for a long time. What’s called “Be A Pro: Co-op Season” sees you create your own player profile, then play like players for this season in teams with your friends, or others online. . This is an exciting experience that gives you the opportunity toproving how well you are in the game and developing your skills as an individual player.

With standard thin offerings and customizable unlimited options, Pro Evo 2008 really has to go to the desert to improve FIFA 08.


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