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GifCam 2.0

GIF is one of the most popular ways of moving images online. Creating and configuring these smart files is now possible thanks to the software created by GifCam. Not only this package is very easy to use and free to download, but it is offering many features that are often not seen in similar versions.

Characteristics and practical programs

GifCam is widely used as a traditional camera. You can drag the desired video window and start recording untilTake the desired frames. You can also add pictures and delete images that can cause a delay. The updated version now supports keyboard shortcuts with a useful advantage if you want to add integers, such as the height and width or frame of the required tables. Once you are satisfied with the last code, you can use your own GIF, like any other file to save, and you can choose the target file.

Many opportunities

Although GifCam is intended, above all, to edit GIF, there aremany other programs. You can create animated images that you can customize, and give GIF a more “retro” feature and you can now add text to your own image.

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