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Hearts of Iron IV no ISO

About the game:

Victory is near! Can you lead your nation is a weapon on your strategy Iron Heart IV allows you to take state command in World War II; A very interesting conflict in the history of the world.

From the heart of the battlefield to the political order, the Nation and the glory of war, bargain or strike them. Keep the power to reduce the balance of World War II.

It’s time to showcase your skills as a great military leader in the worldYou want to experience? Or change history? You change the destiny of the world in a new series to win all costs?

Key features: Total War Strategy: War not only land, Sea and air. This has been achieved in the hearts and minds of men and women.

Real time real-time command simulation of most WWII to fight your current warfare equipment: tanks, planes, ships, weapons, and find new weapons of mass destruction.

Take control of the country, chosen from the most won or the countriesSmall who are trying to survive a storm.

Turning on the battle: Experience filled with World War II defeats on the map field, along with seasons, weather and terrain. Snow, mire, storms can be strong allies and cruel enemies.

Negotiate or impose its will: experienced diplomats and policy systems, including factions, who participate in trade for resources and organize ministers in their party.

Intense Combat Online: Battle in multiplayer is competitive and so cooperativeWith 32 players. Featuring cross platform multiplayer.

Your nation’s unique advantages undergo a technological change system, where all their own unique identity is great. Develop a detailed history and through military research and experience.

All are: Poland and the United States read:

Free DLC adds a unique tree focus on Poland, a 3D model of the aircraft tank, and means 2d leader for the best history that is more accurate

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