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HyperCam is an application that allows video capture area, the action of the desktop kamputara.Kali you always wanted to make a screencast showing people how to do something, or just video what’s happening on the screen, you need a tool to capture the screen as HyperCam.Just install the application and you can start recording a part or all of the action on the screen. There are buttons on the interface recording and playback Hypercam, which can be activated via keyboard shortcuts customizable.Depending calesprecisa, you can specify a frame rate and allocateflash mouse click on videa.U recorded while Hypercam does what it says it is not very well designed program. You may find that the video recording, which is set at twice the speed it should, without reason. The audio recording is also unreliable- In our Windows 7, we could not record any sound of music, video files or video browser. We also found HyperCam to be a little unstable, and wedisappointed that the process zmavchanninya instalacióncontén an application in a standard program folder Files.Ёsts efficientScreenCapture more tools around as Fraps, which is much more modern and better designed. Hypercam is the main application, which is in real need of a new version!

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