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ImgBurn 2.5

ImgBurn is an ultra-lightweight application for recording CD / DVD / HD / DVD and Blu-ray recordings that everyone should have in their toolbox.

Image Burning is one of the fastest and most effective ways to store large amounts of data on a DVD or CD because it allows users to download largequantities of data in a relatively small file. In addition, it is ready to burn DVDs or disks.

ImgBurns different “modes”, each executing the second task. This includes reading that reads the disc in the graphics file; Build a file that creates a file file on your computeror a network; Write, write an image on a disc; and Verifi, which checks if the disc is 100% readable.

With this last option, you can also be sure that the data is accurate by setting imgburn to compare the image file with the image file. Finally, ImgBurn also contains Discoveri, whichTest your disc to find out which speeds and types of drives can support.

Keep in mind that if you have trouble burning, your device might not be fast enough to handle the settings you configured in ImgBurn. or use the wrong type of discs.

ImgBurn is very easyand a power-hungry image that requires little experience, but ensures that all your images are lit in the flash.


Added: Additional information (name of service and hardware version) in the text “Family tree”.

Added: “Supported Speed ​​Reading” added to the text information of the disc in Read Mode/ checks.

Add a new logo message (when recording DVD-RAM / HD DVD-RAM / BD-RE) that displays the current state of the defective hardware features of the device. When the device is active, the device is automatically needed for the drive to burn through the automatic writing and writing process.

Added: Option to usethe default language of the system. If no exact match is found (the correct translation file is not found in the correct language), the schedule attempts to post a different agreement.

Added: The ability to start the LiteOn SmartErase function.

Added: Display “MID” in the “Informationabout the disc “of the text on the right – it is easier to find and always available under the same sentence.

Added: Ability to convert image / disk volume values ​​to the recently added “Overburn / Truncate” row.

Added / Modified: When you read the K-channel signal, the program will attempt to read itdata of the RAV sub-channel (and its extension to obtain K).

Added / Modified: An entry for importing a file “ImgBurn File” into which the default file for a specific file extension is – before it is set by default.

Edited: When you rename an itemin the window of the DLE window (on Vista +), the program closes the extension of the file-originally selected text.

Modified: The name of the element in the window panel DLE The explorer is now possible in the “normal” way of the mouse on the selected item (instead of just pressing F2).

Modified: Standard input size/ output buffer. (Less than1GBRAM = 20 MB, Less than 2 GB RAM = 40 MB, Always different = 80 MB)

Changed: If the device does not block the part in read / confirm mode, the program will now display an error that returns before attempting to read it (so the original error message will not be stored).

Edited: Returningin the original / main overload frame when writing in Build / Discoveri.

Changed: DVD / HD DVD / BD Split Read video from different files to get volume tags in their own options instead of the DVD Video segment.

Modified: the source code generatedThe Volume Label template for DVD / HD DVD / BD video has been changed.

Modified / Set: When creating a CCD image, PreGap sectors are converted / added to the “Indek 0” sectors and included in the IMG file.

Modified / Fiked: The “READ SUB CHANNEL” command returns the problem solution to an infinite loop with some virtualdevices caused by inaccurate information.

Modified / Fiked: The automatic fuse switch option is not applicable in read mode.

Fiked: Fiked Error (LG) devices that return “Invalid Field List List” in response to a specific command.

Fiked: Standardthe recharge method always returns to “Overburn”.

Fiked: Create MDS files when not.

Fixed: The number of copies needed for the image (in Kueue window) is timed, the value displayed in the progress window is not updated.

Fiked: Incorrect analysis of these data in VAV files.

Fixed:Click the e-mail link in the appropriate field (and prompt “OK”) does not shake the default user as it should (not working).

Fixed: The problem with the long lead of files causes an “error” .0k3002 “appears and prevents the opening / saving dialog under the KSP (and possibly the older OS).

Fixed: Potentialfalse positive code, bcd opening to RAV TOC, returned from CD.

Fixed: When reading an extended device format with a 4k (physical and logical) sector, the program can detect an error (invalid parameter?) At the end of the combustion / confirmation operation. If you try again, you can complete it successfully.

Fiked:Read / confirm modene exports graphic data to the file name set by CLI.

Fixed: The last digit in the MCN of the CD is incorrect.

Fiked: Potentially falls when displaying the Overburn dialog from Building Mode.

Fixed: Potential drop when “OptimizeDuplicate Files” is enabled.

ImgBurnsupports the following formats


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