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Instagram for Chrome 5

Instagram for Chrome is a simple browser enhancement that allows users to communicate with their Instagram feeds from Google Chrome.

Instagram was not the official site, so users not only, and communicating with their Instagram photo feeds from their mobile phones. Up to now. Instagram in Chrome allows users to view their Instagram feed from the browser. You can “or” and comment on the picture. Users can even access popular and ingurukoInstagram photos.

While InstagramChrome works well, there are some user interface issues. The app itself is nothing more than a copy of the Instagram interface on the phone, but users can not return to the page. The page you were at the end would be able to choose from the menu. When you see Instagram photos in Chrome, you can not download or see a higher resolution.

JamboOh is more, there is no way in the long run. In fact, weweanaweza InstagramChrome has been removed, but this is notThe best solution if you want to change accounts.

In general, a good way to see Instagram Instagram for Chrome photos, but the interface peculiarities is annoying quickly.

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