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JixiPix Rip Studio Pro 1

JixiPix Rip Studio Pro (x86 + x64) + Crack

2 years in the design, 3 years modeling and thousands of hours in the art department, redefined rip study everything you know about the use of collage. It provides super-realistic torn and cut edge, ribbon, folded and rolled and twisted image with 3D shading edge. All this with an amazing interface that easily manage layers, while maintaining a simple workflow. Rip Studio gives you every elementOf control over in dadatku.insult creates or intersects images to track the edges. Round edges and wrinkled surfaces can be easily adjusted by the slider. Behind the scenes, powerful light 3D engine works for wrinkles and superficial wrinkles look realistic; This adjustable light source becomes a shadow that is displayed on the page. Fill your creative composition with the effect of the tape, or choose from the object library as stickpin,Braces, nails and rusty gemstones. Any tear you do or put stuzhkuunikalnaya and unique.

For profesionaisque want attractive elements of their designs and compositions. Quickly scrapes the image sent shapes and letters. Creation of objects Paper ads, layers of music, art and collages Scrap pages with an expression of one of a kind, thwarted recorded and form fixed, made from images of a clip. With Rip Studio, these models can be too muchChat, and create a custom part with full control over the shape, width, fiber texture, and twisting.

Constructed by Rip Studio Pro has a unique facilmenteCrea incredible part or full collage app! Equipped with powerful workflow, you can quickly add images by simply selecting from the library and droppingsie at the same time to open the application. Through each picture set, it creates a layer for light composition editingAnd conversion. To complete their membership, the library chooses precious stones, stickpin and staples; Dadatsprazrystaya or band and band additional interest.

With a focus on ease of use, arrancoupezas can be created by free drawing to load the figure or backgroundif many: change the tool and add a rear area. Also included in the application is a mapping device for imaging within the fragmentOr rotated; Or be able to replace the image to hold the shape. This powerful tool dazvalyaeshto experts use custom templates for future use and allow to create projects to be used in collaboration with other artists.

Rip Studios are simple, professional and one of a kind


Rip Studio Pro a product with layers, multiple choice, easily 3D realistic shadows to start and a better effect,Designed for artists, photographers and other professionals who demand the withdrawal of high-resolution.

Demolition edge studio is fully adjustable and can be configured with dapamogayShyrynya edge of fiber, fiber length and edge roughness. After the paper is torn the tool to use, move and image inside or completely replace the image adjustedneededthis great feature is ideal to create a model for other projects.

Rip Studio is compatible with a userProfessionally done, but it is very easy for beginners.

Photoelectric effect

Rip creates hand torn edges around text and images

Border adds a sketch with configurable optionsColor

Court creates stylnozhnichny cut around the edges

Adjustable straps allow the pieces to be placed, moved and scaled


Effect tearing of the width of the bar, roughness and fiber length,

Rip tool for adding and removing torn pieces of paper and cut.And functional shapes and ribbons

Rip styles to change the appearance of the edges on the march without redesigning the area

Fresh tape, tape, fabric tape, transparent tape effect. When yanypaklav tape at the edge of the picture automatically! You can not use art with pictures.

Tape, tape and tape is transparent with adjustable size, color and surface texture

Film technology tool to move the size and the image in the area of ​​the torn or cut

Texteditor raggedStyle, cut, embroidered and phrases or regularesletras

Smart cover for drawing layout, collages and easy reordering of objects

Multiple-choice dlyaperasovvanne paper tape and other items together

36 ways to cut your own picture to the stars, circles, flowers and many others

102 with high background resolution

18, the surface texture

62 objects such as staples, precious stones, stickpin morewith and the possibility to add your own!All objects under impression

3D lighting starts powerful shadowssupports realistically several light sources

Wrinkle effect, wrinkles and wrinkles, drawing only prazvoblasts

Supports fonts installed on your computer

Save the project will clearly save projects for further processing and exchange with other artists!

Save presets to save the model in appgreat custom templates for later use

Salvia supportFor PNG and TIF to maintain the transparency of objects

Support for high-resolution images and output

Pros that allow Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in batch processing sinalizarImaxesfunktsyi images in every gurtenPlatz


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