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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


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Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


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Kaspersky Internet Security provides excellent protection for you, your computer, your money and your family. advanced security technology to protect against viruses, web-based threats, as well as maintaining identitinyadan adds an extra layer of security when you’re online banking or shopping.


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AvastSecurityadalahmagutny Internet security suite, where a variety of tools to protect your system. suite, including firewall, antivirus, anti-phishing tools, VPN secure lines and smart scan tool. you can configure the Scan Mode With Avast Internet Security; selecting the target area to scan, enable scan mode for all file types. Or you can configure a scan to determine the type of connection failoleh contents of the file / connection name / user-defined.

Key featuresincluding:

– Firewall.

-In real-time threat detection.

– Anti-phishingalat.

– Sandbox.

– Anti-Virus.

– Secure VPN Line.

– Anti-spam tools.

– Smart Scan.

– Strong protection.

Internet AvastKeselamatan also includes some new technologies, such as DNS, HTTPS secure protocol and network security scans your home for additional protection.

What’s new Avast Internet Security 2016:

– System time low impact but much faster, less space occupied on the disk.

– CyberCapturetracking more unknown baikfail praznasha and unique cloud technology.

– The fixed monthly and silent automatic updates configured via Settings.

– Detection better than weakness router.

– New Bank mode in the SafeZone browser.

– Connect SecureLine quickly.

– PerlindunganSpam present as a component of non-automatic.

– Remote hardware virtualization (NG) is replaced CyberCapture, which have a smaller impact on system resources.

– Remote Remote Assistance is not usedenough, and neither is the main function.

Requirements: Windows (Useversiya)

Language: Some languages


1. Unpack and install

2. Using the license registration diberikanmengajukan

3. Double-click the main file (Note that not all files will work correctly LIC)

AVG Internet Security 2016 Click the Yes-Ok

5. Done.


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