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Kodi XBMC Jarvis 16

Cody (formerly known as XBMC) is an open source media center is great, it is called «High Definition Hub» for all types of media.

Full multimedia hub for your PC

Since it is open source, Cody has been modified by multiple users on Plex, and Cody eparvonachalnata on Plex built.What you want will depend on what you want at the center of media, but Cody is a very good opponent for an easy to use, smooth and with the support of a large community of enthusiastic users.

Cody is suitable for everyone, from watching movies and listening to streaming music television.Everything is very well presented and Cody is clearly inspired by Apple TV by the way it looks and feels. Cody function very well as a standard media player, although it is much better if izpolzvateyagoyak complete home entertainment center for yourneeds. Cody supports a large number of remote control and keyboard shortcuts, and feels nyataPusat entertainment.

Cody also have many skins interface, which means that it may seem radically razlichnoot used skin. Merge is used by default is the fact that it willwelcomed the installation, but you can turn it into something else, vykarystovvayuchynekatoraya loose skin here. Some of them are very slippery.

Easy to install and import your kolektsiyanositeli or stream

There are simple instructions on how to create Kodisebagai solo players orstreaming video over the network. You can transfer your media from anywhere in the home or directly from the Internet, using nearly all available pratakoly.Napryklad, Cody can play CD-and DVD-discs directly from the disc or image files, the most popular video format on your hard disk ,and even files inside ZIP and RAR archives.

Cody also scans all your media and automatically create a personalized library vzavarshi with box covers, descriptions and fanart.Akhirnya, or playlist and slideshow functions, a function for weather forecasts and many audio visualizations. Overall, trafficIt may feel a little neintuitivnymichas of time – especially if you use Apple TV – but this is something that will soon sesviknesh this.

Very good all-round media center

Cody is at the center of the fantastic media, though, unless you want to go care to change it, Plex can bebetter alternative.

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