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Little Fighter 2

Many of us still remember great fight classics such as Street Fighter, Double Dragon or Rage Streets. If you are among them, you can return these good old memories with Little Fighter 2

Little Fighter 2 pits up to 8 players, whether human or computer controlled, with LAN support and internet games. Every playerControls a character (which you can choose from) and has special unique capabilities that can be activated with keyboard shortcuts.

Little Fighter 2 features several game types including VS mode (oneagainst one or two against two), championship mode (multi-stage tournament), modeStage (the classic side-scrolling wins “EM-up game) and Battle Mode, a variety of team-based games.” You can find them all on your own against computer-controlled playable characters but Little Fighter 2 is certainly much more fun to play against real opponents Of man.

Little Fighter2 has style manga graphics, not quite realistic, but very bright and colorful backgrounds are simple images, different places. My main complaint aboutthe lines, but also that the window of the game is too small.

If you’re looking for a fighting game in the stylish arcades look, give LittleFighter 2 Try It: It’s easy, fun and totally free.
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