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MySQL Alpha 6

All major websites need a database to collect and store data for customers. This can be anything, from their user names and emails with information about selecting or viewing. The search for the best software to perform this task sounds like aleadoA well-known solution, which is a great place to start – MySQL. If that’s good enough for Facebook WordPress and Google why not use this free software that can make managing your databases easier and faster?

Open database

MySQLIs a technical management system for relational databases with open source (DBMS), which essentially means that it is on your server and store information. Because it’s open source, it means that it is completely free to use.Rospratsovshchiki and experts have contributed to this, to become powerful and widely compatible. The Community Edition server is free for anyone to download and use on your site. The installation is very simple (although, of course, you need to know about creating websites) ItovaVedom, providesHigh performance and scalability, reliable data protection. DS CATIA V6
You have a huge support network.

Have it your way

MySQL is great for doing things your way, because you did not connect the campaign to the platform. Software does not lack cheaters in terms ofStability problems and some competing platforms can do more, but this is certainly a popular choice for many new sites.


SELECT … FOR UPDATE is now supported.

It was written out the recording of coverage inattention

Various bug fixes


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