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PC Screen Capture

PC Screen Capture is a lightweight and highly efficient package that helps users to save screen content in real time. Works like other packages, such as Snagit or Greenshot, the main advantage of this system is completely free to download and install. It is supported by most Windows operating systems.

Functions and basic tasks

PC Screen Capture allows the user to save the content of a full page or select the section to save asa separate image file. The unique drag-and-drop features are ideal when information needs to be kept for a short time. All controls are in the menu at the top of the page, so access to the main functions is never a problem. There are many types of files, such as .JPG, .BMP and .GIF.

An additional option

Users can also choose to capture the computer screen directly from the USB memory as compared to downloading the program to the hard disk. Possiblethere are places on the page, such as bookmarks and the address bar or navigation menu. This system is ideal for solving problems with the website or sending a specific image that goes to friends.

PC Screen Capture supports the following formats


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