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PES 2014 will again focus the field when, this time focus on the game. A new graphics engine, improved animations and a good atmosphere are the highlights of this issue.

Leagues, cups, tournaments and online multiplayer

Pro Evolution Soccer, which is available to download patch is already available provides several game modes:

While Nana laaiplaaie gietip and movégIn is shot in certain game situations, he used dead time!

PES 2014 design of the menu is not bad, but in terms of user friendliness,It is definitely a step back from modern and new FIFA 14.

Full motion freedom field

On spelkontroles in PES 2014 no major satreseniyaprovalyat. The main innovation is TrueBall Tech: improved controls the analog stick, you can hit the ball 360 degrees or beheer. The result is remarkable to stop realism and unprecedented movement in PES. This is possible thanksbalfisika improves, which means that it is no longer that annoying effect “bowling ball”,Which has accompanied the series for years.

Also are the accessories improved, which is much more flexible idostoverni. Performance, weight, and physical strength of the player can have an impact on the results or the impact of side-by-side combat between the players.

Maneuveres more logiesNou also played your favorite game and the pace was slower than in previous years. It is more difficult to get the ball from a player in the back of the net. Now, will be the position of the playersLearn on the field and get the right time to get the benefits of saotbornitsiteplayor a shot at the goal.

To PES 2014 is a sharp change of direction from previous games, in their place are natural movements. The cross is more “manually” overstretched way than before, terwylThe shots are more reliable, though some paths that have led some.

Thegoalkeepers also improved. They have excellent animations and some cherveniyae amazing. TheThe way in which it appeared is very compelling, despite the slowness and the lack of reactivity of the goalkeeper, when much to be desired (Y-key on the Xbox Joypad) facinga-striker.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest moments of PES 2014 The Spelers open the CPU, move well and looks unpredictable, teamwork and, if necessary, shots that leave you words. There are 6 izbiraemtrudnost for bird flu.

But the game also for PES 2014 also requiresTactics that are appropriate for your team. The variety of the pieces is more limited than in FIFA, but excellent editor makes this disadvantage so you can create multiple modules.

Overtime Game Climate

The new Fuchsgraphic engine in PES 2014 works well. Vsichkidetayli, as well as physical similarities of virtual players is impressive (but only for the well-known, a “not so famous” is a little rough at the edges). Massa was focused on the productionPaid each level, with excellent choreography details and unique banners team.

Despite these improvements, the engine still needs to be mature: we sometimes fall frame marking, although this is not an attempt to be affected by it. In addition, there is an unexplained shortage of rain or snow. This is not it is a dealbreaker, but it is certainly unusual for a game of this caliber.

Another new feature for PES 2014 is almost complete absenceFrom “binary”: Now move the player with complete freedom and without a predetermined frame.

The Soundeffekte are perhaps the best element of PES 2014Am 12. sluhaspelerOp field support team with a constant boom, electroplating, very risky procedure, whistles and opponents call themselves heroes on the targets, especially in the frenetic games. In a word, Konami has created an extraordinary atmosphere in which to create truly emotionalized gamers.

At the beginning of a new era

ForPro Evolution Soccer Enache a new era. This edition is entirely at stake, most teams play a better administration of players, revised balfisika realistic costumes and several features that enhance the survival game.

So, PES2014 finally met FIFA? In a word – no. In EAsimulator is still king, but the gap is definitely narrowing and Konami titleis now an acceptable alternative.

Razrabotchitsitee created a fun, rewarding gameplay,The player can be seen on the stadium, each not the same another football video game.

The Fox engine, though still a little immature and raw at all, is essential for the revival of the franchise. Konami definitely has a big step in the right direction: simulation aspect of the title clearly improved for the happiness of all the purists of the genre.

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