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PhoneRescue 3.2

PhoneRescue is a free application that runs iOS and features to restore ICloud to allow users to easily recover more than 25 different types of files. This is an excellent addition to the existing backup, but there may also be oporavinekoi files whichAre lost without archives. He can even find out what is missing!

Floating among the clouds

The primary archival capabilities of PhoneRescue work through ICloud. Entering their Apple ID, you can restore the data from arhivkoяtovekje made and sent to ICloud. Do not confuse it for this branch,Apple already provides, though. The application provides great flexibility in the way back to the phone, allowing you to select specific files rather than rolling nazadsè phone (great for if only some files have been lost). You can also restore deleted files toA certain degree, and is great for accessing the repair mode of iOS there.

One simple reorganization

Typically, PhoneRescuee is ideal for those who are concerned about data loss. To a lesser extent, it works well for those who have already lost data. While dependent on ICloud so,That it can identify some of the damage caused by a pre-existing telephone accident PhoneRescueseushte is a powerful tool that helps protect data and resume.

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