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Polar 2017

A young boy wakes up in his room for the night of snow, excited and alert. Clear breathing. Moving a little waiting. He hears the noise was afraid that he had never heard of – hours slide sounds of Santa Clauses. Time five minutes to midnight. Suddenly, the boy begins rhwydro perforation. fog movesfrom his window, he sees the face and the most wonderful. Black Train dazzling drive straight to his house, the steam bweruspeiriant transportation nuts snow through the night sky and a girl. hlopchykbaratsbu outside, pajamas and slippers just there, and the head of the train, seemingly waiting for him to meet with her.Well, are you coming? the leader asks. Where? He asked the boy. Why in the Arctic – is known.
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The Polar Express is! That the development of a dubious adventure that follows a boy who takes the path to the North Pole Ren strange; During this trip, he began the journey on their own ddarganfodsy’n show him that the wonder of lifeIt never goes away for those who believe.


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