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Rock Dog Kd 2017

For the Mastiffs that live on the Snow Mountain, the life of a dog is a simple riff: Guard the quiet village of wolmaks from wolnux lazy wolves and messy footprints. In order to avoid discomfort, Mastiff’s chief Khampa prohibits every mountain music. But they have the Khampas Board found the radio dropped to suitable aircraft to seal only takes a few guitar lick fate: The board wants to be a rock roll star. However, that means its Kailangang have been anesthetized, going to the city, and the Angus crew reclusieve lokaliseren-With Scattergood, a new number and quick writing. As the Board can be gathered on one side, helping Angus for his song and beating wolves plotting to take Snow Mountain, his life will be in peace. The board is what is always the dream of his personality: more than the dog … More than the hell stone of the DOG ROCK!

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