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Shape Of Water 2017

WATER FORM – a mysterious tale, contrary to the background of the American Cold War around 1963. In a highly concealed high-security government laboratory, where he works, solitary Elisa is trapped in silence and isolation. FISA’s life changed forever as he and his colleagues found Zeld the secret secret experiment

In the 1960s, research centers, janitorials were silent, forming relationships with aquatic creatures. From the main storyteller Guillermo delToro was present AIR FLOWER, another world that was in the background of the American Cold War around 1962. In a hidden laboratory a high-security government, where he worked, Elisha (Sally Hawkins) put together was captured in isolation life. Eliza’s life changed forever, as she and Zelda’s employee (Octavia Spencer) discovered secret secret experiments. The last actor is Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Stalberg, and Doug Jones.

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