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Slender: The Eight Pages

thin man the first game, where the goal is not only afraid of eight bills, thin man, paranormal creatures. One goes on to say that this is the original game, which is based on such a topic, if it’s a success and not scary.

quamgracili play

The basic pillar is to come into contact with a game more than a thin man, with a healthier life span. Not so, it is necessary for a person to pay attention to the tooldtadovga enemies of your God, who I remember, and that the dorsualisaltilium little smaller bags, soyou need her health regularly. Additionally, it is dismissed, the less it is more tolerant, so the need to be dispersed does not need you.

Is it not scary?

slimAer is successfully secured areas really worth more. It just feels like you are in your lighting tone of chirping crickets fumble your way through the wood looks for his love. However, the overall goal of collecting 8 bill pages is very limited and, therefore, the game is a little bit.

procuratioludum is very simple, Rat- AgleditsesyaW A, 500 D – PeramyastsitsLevy for migration – SprintLevaya mouse – staronakPravaya mouse meeting – lihtarykQ E – Increase / technical problems with

Please note that you need WinZip or sound, download and drag out Tenuisludum.

It will be the first level of increase in the range of Stroynyvyzvalena After receiving a little. Softonic made our staff so bad not, so be sure to look out when you got there,


shapelycircumdarevae fear game is worthwhileto try, because as you’ve ever heard Slender is created.


Image added to the game (“Eight Page”) to distinguish the future versions of it.

Added the main menu, improvedin music. Additionally, thin and YouTube series now includes data link.

Additional sources of light sources (unlocked immediately after passing games).

Added shadow (not visible except illumineturlocis.)

Jogging now gradually increased the slow movement, it accumulated more pages.

Remoterecovery time for the revival and endurance / running endurance of the squash and reduce the patience. like

YourView begins to implement / sprinting quickly takes 5% of your patience. So, it will not allow them to jogging

Sprint already does things in the near jog / race power trigger button

radiation exhaust blown (started by stolen past).
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You can see the maximum level of distance decreases by volume, as well

For those mayutstuman rulers. The ratioUmbra is just a short distance, it is excluded.

AddedThe option of the jump menu is an introduction.

Added the ability to end, but he can not only speed (that prevents the pausing game

In dealing with thin apudcum).

When the page is available in the permanent bug they will try on the other side of the wall, the light of the pine tree.

The secret path away (etobylo very matter, because it has content protection furniture).


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