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SpeedFan 4.49

SpeedFan is a monitoring program for users who find that Windows Task Manager is too basic. It enables you to monitor the health of your hard drive, temperature of the device and change the fan speed.

The main interfaceSpeedFan can be scary, but as soon as you pass the flood data, I admire you with the most powerful application that can help you fix the hardest computer. SpeedFan offers more features and informationBIOS on your computer.

While SpeedFan can be scared to use it from the beginning, it offers a number of early warnings, which pay attention to less advanced users of the complexity of the program’s dangers.While this project generates a large amount of information about you, the developers incorporate many user elements such as photos, pictures, and metrics to help you understand what’s going on.

Advanced users can useSpeedFan along with projects like Prime95 for stress testing and personal computer monitoring. This tool is very useful for your computer security test.

SpeedFan is useful for beginners and professionals.Participants can use this program to check the health of computers and control the speed of the girlfriends (especially for computers), while advanced users can use diagnostic troubleshooting issues provided by the user.SpeedFan.

Anyone who is important about computer performance and reliability can also benefit from SpeedFan.


– Better than DELL support -NVidia I2C works again with 275+ drivers

Now, ATI Radeon supports setting up a fan control guide with its condition onceSpeedFan starts (without an uncredited fanfare set to 100% outside of the project)

– Support for Intel X79 (Patsburg) SMBus

– Support ServerWorks HT1000 SMBus

-addedSAT support for USB attachment

-Additional support for USB fence with SunPlus, IoData and Logitech chipset

– I read and set the changes for the motherboardMore Intel

– Full support for Fintek F71858AD

– Write support for Areeca RAID and better support for Areca SAS officials

– A USB flash drive that reflects a hard disk

– Support for AMD12 hour family (LLano) Support for high temperature for AMD family temperature 14h (Bobcat)

-ATK0110 Try to find the best interface when it is available on ACPI BIOS BIOS (Please note that the support is disabled for the model on your motherboard)- With original support for Fujitsu-Siemens Hujjah

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