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Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan 2017

The Little Letter To God story siročadskih from two brothers and sisters, Angel and Anton, were involved in the union that made them into beggars on the street. One day, Angel meets with an accident, that is why he is separated from his brother, as he is then captured by the foster family.Simula, he never saw his brother man. 15 years later, Angel lives in Sydney and becomes a successful Lawyer. There is, Angel happiness a young doctor from Indonesia named Martin, and loves life njega.NjenFull of happiness, but still imbued with the past. Married to Martina, Angel decides first to settle in his past, searching for his brother in Jakarta.


Classification: P13

General Issue date: 2017/03/08

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours

Distributor: GSC Movie

Starring: BuahCitra Lestari, Joe Taslim, Izzat Khanza, Bima Azriel

Directed by: Dawn Bustomi

Format: 2D

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