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VMware Workstation Pro 14

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VMware Workstation Pro is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems, virtual machines (VM) on a Linux or Windows PC. Construction, testing and designing IT professionals, programmers and companies, the software for each device, any platform or any Cloud, I expect Workstation Pro.

Workstation Pro provides data center on your laptop

Run multiple operating systems on a computer

With VMware WorkstationPro you can in one and the sameWindows or Linux scooters ausführenPC create a genuine Windows virtual machine and another desktop, server and tablet environment with compatible virtual networks and public modeling networks for use in the development of codes of multiple operating systems at the same time, solution architecture, testing of applications, demonstration products and more.

Development and testing of each platform

Workstation Pro supports hundreds of operating systems and works with tehnalogiiyak cloud and containersteamers

Connect with VMware vSphere

In order to control the secure connection to the VSphere, ESXi or other workstation of the server for physical hosts virtual machines (VM), and how to manage them. Total hypervisor VMware offers maximum performance and makes it easy to move virtual machines from your local computer.

Surely, isolated environment

Follow the second safe desktop with different specific options, the tools and network can be configured and used to use forensic tools to studythe vulnerabilities of the operating system. Workstation offers one of the safest in the industry and offers powerful hypervisor features for IT security professionals.

VMwareWorkstation 14 Release Notes Pro

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