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Whose Streets? 2017

Jalan who? It’s not how Mike Brown’s murder, 18 years after a global move to fight the crowd, inspired a clear picture about the cause.

Encouraged activists and leaders who live and breathe this move for justice, road sign? There is no clear vision of the Ferguson riots. When the unarmed teenager Michael Brown is killed by the police on the street and then shows the break point St. People Louis, Missouri. Heartbreak, racial tension and the wrath of the old to recover.
thisLatest tragedyWe have to protect and conflict. Parents, artists and freedom fighters of the country as a powerful teacher. Ferguson in the National Guard, Army, Army Arms, the young members of the community are the new launcher barriers. Sabaah Folayan and producers Damon Davis stories because they know this story. What way? Dabizitzeko fights a strong battle of generations, not fighting for their civil rights, but untukHak.


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