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Zapya File transfer tool

Zapya is an application for free in a peer-to-peer file exchange specifically for use on mobile devices. Since this application uses peer-to-peer exchange, it is an easy way to transfer large files over a wireless network. As long as you share the device correctlyThe same network, and installed the application, you can move files quickly between them and even watch them through the application. This is a great way to share documents, media and many others within a single home or office.


Zapya has a simple, lightweightIn the use of an interface that combines the kind of management of an easy group of friends you find in the apartment on the social media function for file sharing. You can share files in the cross-roads called friends, look for friends online nearby and quickly reviewFiles using the built-in media player. Transfer over wireless networks quickly, easily and freely; You can set the file to split and leave only to complete the shabby.
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It is an unlimited experience of sharing files that EI is fast and easy to use. There areA few restrictions on what can be done; For example, groups of users are limited to no more than five members.

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If you are in an environment where many users share the same Wi-Fi network, for example, in the office or university halls,Zapya is a very simple file sharing tool.


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