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To delete and improve your files, 7-Zip is a great replacement for WinRAR.

The Zip 7 connection is similar to its competitors, with the main file manager and command line for finding and choosing files to hold or multiply. The Management Panel has important functions such as removing, adding and testing, including copying, moving, and removing tasks to control your files. Zip-7 compresses and compiles files as soon asWinZip and WinRAR and deals with the main archive structure such as ZIP, PGCE, RAR and ISO.

InThe storage process Zip-7 is very different from its objectors. In WinZip you can improve ZIP with WinRAR for RAR or ZIP, 7zip gives up to 5 different formats for choosing records. With Zip-7, you can choose the mode of updating depending on whether you want to add and change the file, reset the memory, or just sync the file. If you do not want anyone to open your archive without your permission, you can set a password to keep it reminiscent.

We really liked the instrument partly becauseyou can break your documents to the right place on CD, CD or DVD, simply if you need to allocate much more memory. Unfortunately, the 7-Zip stays behind their main opponents. You do not have to consider virus documents and not change damaged or damaged files.

7-Zip can be as secure as WinZipbei WinRAR, but it’s definitely more flexible. It is used with more format and layout of many important subtitles such as the updated or shared mode. If you feel very small on WinZip and WinRAR is notavailable, we recommend offering a Zip-7 test and use all its options.

Of course, it is much easier than its popular opponents, 7-Zip is a great tool to erase the file.


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