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To unzip and compress files, 7-Zip is a great freeware alternative to WinRAR.

The 7-Zip interface is similar to its rivals, with one of the major file managers and a command line lookup and a selection of files for extracting or compressing. The control panel has important basics, such as an extraction,adding and testing, as well as copying, moving, and deleting functions for file management. 7-Zip extracts and compresses files as fast as WinZip and WinRAR and processes the main archive formats, such as ZIP, TAR, Rari ISO.

archiving, where 7-Zip distinguishes most of its competitors. If WinZip is onlyallows you to compress ZIP and RAR WinRAR or ZIP, 7zip offers you up to 5 different compressed formats to choose from. 7-Zip allows you to select the update mode depending on whether you want to add and replace files, update the archive, or synchronize files. If you do not want someone to open your archive without yoursyou can set a password to protect the file.

We especially liked the split tool because it can put your file in equal parts, which can be placed on the reduction of floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, is convenient if you need to distribute especially largearchive. Unfortunately, security is where 7-Zip lags behind its main competitors. Unable to scan for viruses and you can not restore corrupted files.

7-Zip can not be as safe as WinZip or WinRAR, but it is definitely more versatile. It works with a large number of archivesformats and prapanovshmat useful tools such as updating or splitting mode. If you feel too limited with WinZip, and if you do not like WinRAR, we recommend that you try the 7-Zip and take all of its features.

7-Zip is a great tool for file compression,much more flexible than his most famous rivals.


Some bugs have been fixed

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