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Adobe After Effects CC 2015

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After Effects CC. Creating animated graphics and amazing visual effects. industry standard graphics and visual effects toolset now provides better ways to work, connect computers andDevice przenośneAplikacje all creative assets so you can create your own stunning visuals. Google Camera 4 Free Download Torrent

What’s New in Adobe After Effects CC:

Improved playback of video and audio:

After Effects CC (13Vin uses a new architecture for fun vidtvorennyazabezpechuyut during rzeczywistymBuforowane frame with synchronizedsound. The new architecture along with other applications, Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition like.

Impact on rendering GPU:

Now color Lumetri, Gaussian Blur and sharpen effects can provide computers using GPU. This improves rendering performance impact 2x-4x renderowaniatylko using processor(Depending on the number of frames per second and visualization GPU). efektrenderynh GPU operated transmission project, the new transmission videoOptsiya and effects settings.

Improved performance:

Many small changes under the hood m.in.szybsze and import image sequence caching,asynchronous viewing panel, quick discovery of large projects, increased expression caching, and more.

Optional built format:

QuickTime of Apple ProRes can be decrypted on Windows, without koniecznościQuickTime installed on your system. RED kamerySyri files are now supporteddecoding RED Scarlet-in ravens and weapons, including kamery8K .r3d staff.

Lumetri improve color effect:

Now Lumetri color effect can provide computers with GPU and includes new controls and new HSL SpeedLooks wtórnychpresety.

Gaussian Blur effect improvements:

Gaussian Blur effect wasupdated to the new version. Repeat edge pixels blur quickly added, and the effect can now be done using komp’yuterivGPU. This version replaces the previous effect Gaussian Blur Gaussian Blur and (old) Krótkiefekt blur, which is still available, but were moved to the old categories.

Addtracks in Adobe Media Encoder to set the rendering:

Now you can send the songs from the queue to queue rendering Adobe Media Encoder on selected in the configuration dialog options renderowania.Po press the button to turn the new color AME queue panel, all the elements are added vizualizatsiyiVonyin Adobe Media Encoder. The compositions will be provided via Adobe Media Encoder render settings that vybralyv After Effects.


The Intel 64-bit

OS X or later

4GBpamięci (8GB)

6 GB of free hard disk space for installation

1440×900 display


QuickTime to QuickTime features



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