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Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Playing one of the four sides of the hallmarks of the classic strategy game in real time. Organize your army and humans have the same monsters in their quest for conquest and domination. Victory goes to those who build the best army and use it well and blessing of the gods.

Great game RTS RTS kuchezaMoja great game last decade is the Age of Mythology. Following the usual practice of players to build a city that can help economíae then in turn allows them to buildunits. These units tumikavitake on goal and win any opponent on the map. Image Line FL Studio Producer Edition The game allows you to progress through four years separating each provides access to several buildings and all units benefit more strongly in the previous year. build units as the myth of the Minotaur and Cyclops create characters hero and win the favor of the gods of mythology ask their anger against inimigosvostede.

Simple or MultiplayerKucheza through the plot of Age of Mythology campaignand enjoy many attractive remuneration plotwatak characters. Hone your skills against AI players before diving friends or strangers battle multiplayer via LAN or internet. At the age of Mythology way to play is with you!


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