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you want to run Android on your PC or? Andy OS allows you to do just that, the entire desktop to Android experience.

Andy ezaugarriakBlueStacks OS, is the same as Android running applications, Andy OS provides complete access to the operating system of Google. You can download and install applications and games from Google Play or the sideload and run them through the APK and Andy OS. This is especially WhatsApp, Viber use as a PC application or directly LINEerabilgarria.Baina gehiegiAndy bilshetilky OS does not work: The program posts, widgets, browsing the file (including access to the local filesystem) applications, data synchronization, and full multi-touch gestures OS onartzen.
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Andy mobile gaming is great if your phone or tablet emulator of the remote control on the desktop, as it allows. some aggressive play action games or sports, for example, important da.IdaztekoAt the same time, Andy OS running Android Jelly Bean Unfortunately, I was pre-installed OS bitarteanazken (KitKat), together with the date when it had to run most applications is over.

Is it easy to use? Andy OS is not as easy to use BlueStacks, which means that it requires a little more setup.However, it is still very easy. Andy OS VirtualBox virtual machine, which comes bundled with the installer runs. After downloading and installing the software, you simply kukimbiaAndroid mobile app and go through the configuration options you normallybezala.InoizbehinkakoPid first start you start early, though, in general, works quite well as “advanced users” OS du.Andy will be plenty of adjustment, because they can. For starters, you can change the way of virtual machines, such as highlightingmore RAM, making it faster. But you can root Android OS and OS Andy thou art can more accurately adjust within the operating system. Installing a custom ROM or if you want to change multiple launcher can.

The best way to getAndroid mahaigaineanAndyOS very easy to set up, highly customizable, and provide dizu.Besterik Android experience if you do not want to play the most popular casual games or applications easily run BlueStacks is a hassle-free solution. But if you want to emulate Android on Windows, OS named Andy.


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