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Basic Calculator 1

In an age where complexity can be a virtue and a degree in computer science, it is not a bad idea sometimes that is good to meet again to the roots. Is a Basic Calculator of this breath of fresh air. Can the computer be so simple without an abacus. It is very easy, both in appearance and operation The Basic Calculator is pure simplicity.

What is a computer

The interface consists of 17 key boxes: performs the most commonly used mathematical functions and finally, and perhaps most importantly, the calculationsLatest of the four same button ‘AKeypad key decimal key number C’ to delete. Manipulation Manipulation This button can infinite computing users, as they do not involve the complex of some simple multiplication or division deductions. The most obvious app for Gerätso is easy for the people who are in the Section seen. The buttons are large and easy to read, so simple, with a touch screen mouse or to operate. It will also be the first computer,Which is good for children who just start their magical math course only.

Back to the root

Basic computer marks a comeback to Congratulations for the simplicity of early computer programs. If allealles what you need is adding a perfect shopping list.

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