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release 07/28/2015

Shop released 06/23/2015


a game




Batman: Arkham Knight brought the award-winning trilogy

Rocksteadi Studios epic conclusion. Designed specifically for

New-major platform, Batman: Knight offerspre Rocksteadi

Unique design version of the Batmobile. The long-awaited

In addition to this legendary vehicle dikombinasikandengan plays recognized

ArkhamSerie game, giving gamers the ultimate and complete

Batman experience as they crack and float through the streets

The entire Gotham Citi Skiline. In this explosivefinals,

Batman confront major threats to the city who swore

Protection as a Bugaboo ago to unify the super villains of Gotham

I destroy Batman Forever

Becoming Batman – Batman live experience LengkapThe Dark Knight

Entering the final chapter of the Rocksteadi Arkham Trilogy. player

DetectiveHard is the world like never before with

Batmobile introduction and expansion has his signature

such as FreeFlov fighting, Stealth, forensic and navigation

Batmobile – Batmobile to life

new and original designs that support different visual Appa

Rance and various high-tech gadgets on the board. dirancangmenjadi

completelymobile games in the world, can not change

From high-speed tracking mode to Battle Mode military class

Legendary car sits in the heart of the game design and allows

igračda tear around the streets with extreme speed in search

Gotham Citi is the most dangerous criminals

The Epic Conclusion Rocksteadithe Arkham Trilogy – Batman: Arkham

Ritter brings all-out war on Gotham Citi. Hit-and-water battle

Batman Arkham Asylum, increased conspiracy destroy

Prisoners in Batman: Arkham City, led to the end

Calculation for the future Gotham.Auf mercy of fate Scarecrow

The city hangs in the balance, asis connected via Arkham Knight,

A sign that is completely new and original in the Batman universe

As long list of other famous villains, including Harley Quinn, The

Penguins, TVO-Face and the Riddler


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A gameis updated to the latest patch and contains all the DLC

Edit to change the language, you can choose between “English”

“French”, “German”, “Italian”, “Spain”, “Russia”, “Brazil”

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