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Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942 is now available for free to celebrate a decade of litigation. Despite age, it is still extremely mulitplayer game, throwing two teams of 32 players against each other in various maps now classics.

Back vo2002 year, Battlefield 1942 has computer and fast Internet time.This is the case already, almost anyone can enjoy this huge 32 vs. 32 player first person shooter.

Set różnychTeraz Map II classic World vojnaII, Battlefield 1942 looks his age, but squeaky image can not be reduced to a great game. Collect flags in Battlefield 1942 is athe best of the Internet at all times. It’s more accessible odBattlefield 3, and will not feel outgunned by players with high firepower. Class individual soldiers, you can balance each other, with snipers, infantry and others. There are manyvehicles that appear on kartataczasiegra jeeps with soldiers from there.

Battlefield 1942 encourages teamwork, whether two or three players with tank and infantry men or only winning the sniper cover. You can play the “lone wolf”, but this is a very fun andinteresting play zaedno.Fakjanje flag in the database, but they are close to the pole, and several players near the flag, quickly collected. Kills, deaths and discharges are recorded, so you can compare your osiągnięciaz other players.

This is a player, but it did not survivetest time. The enemy AI is ridiculous and no dramatic process of the modern player. However, not turn away from what is important video games. Online, Battlefield 1942 is required.

In addition to Counter Strike and Quake, Battlefield 1942 is a multiplayer FPS, which today is as fun asonce it was. It would be a crime not to download for free!

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