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CadSoft Eagle Professional 7

CadSoft Eagle Global People (x86 / x64)

EAGLE is easy to use graphical layout PCB design software is designed with a strong professional engineers, writers and meet the needs of the people! There are more than 25 years, EAGLE PCB design tool of choice for electronic design engineers around the world and has become the hundreds of thousands of developers. technical support and a large and active community with a broad ecosystem EAGLE circuit design offershas more than pureHet.

kesederhanaandarisoftware provides a quick learning curve, even for those who are new to PCB design. Disclosure EAGLE design tools, such as a fully open and a huge library of components, simplifying the design process for everyone. Software also means flexibility and compatibility with EAGLE never workflow capabilities to grow, hundreds of extensions (ULP) clearly displayed for all users and their access to structured XML file format.

Simpleto learn!

– 3 users moduluakinterface identical

-Hundreds Available Video Tutorial

– A free online training and free support by experts

– Active forums that help solve problems and design guidance

– The software user manual available for download or available

Easy to use!

– Windows, Linux and Mac

– Yes, in the 32 and 64-bit

– Free library of tens of thousands of components available

– Extension (User Language Program (ULP))which allows for custom functions

– Great Ecosysteem3rd party that terintegrasisolusi (3D simulation, Signal Integrity)

schematic editor

Create your own schedule at a maximum of 999 sheets.

– Electrical Rule Check (ERC): error between the schematic and layout design controls and consistency check

– Hierarchical Design: schemes can be designed in a hierarchical structure

– Automatic generation of table

– Board Support variant

– Class Matrix Net

– Design Reuse:Mix arrangements / rising tide diseinuanberria

Layout Editor

Max. 16 signal ondersteuningdariButa and buried with the right lines.

– Quick, the entire PCB design manual

– Design Rule Check results marked graphic

– Differential pair routing

– Meander length compensation control signal

– The industrial production data with the CAM-processor

– Angle random objects (Statements steps) rotation, with rounded corners


Switching between manual and automaticrouting at any time.

– Based Grid Router Ripup Try Again

– With routing TopRoutergridlessalgoritme

– Interactive DRC check routeruntuk my monitor, the perfect guide for routing

– Optional automatic routing grid is preferred in the selection and the direction of the signal layer

– Support for multi-core processors to multiple concurrent routing jobs to enable

– Design rules

System requirements:

– Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

– 64-bitversions of the operating system requires a 64-bit version of EAGLE.

CadSoft Eagle 7 Release Notes


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