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Chrome XP

If you have a Windows XP old computer sitting in the wardrobe, you can use it for a moment. In recent years, Windows XP has been suspended, but this does not allow a small portion of the market quota to be maintained. And the software that supports this effective aging system is beautiful and functional. Chrome XP is a small example.

Almost modern

Chrome XP puts it in modern enamel on the previous operating system. You can not do all the amazing changes. Some of them, for example, your systemAdding new icons and colors to other operating systems and other software, such as Windows Explorer, are highly valued. Other, for example, when you click on the start menu, it may not be suitable for everyone. But in general, it’s a good conversion from ordinary interface.

Selection and selection

Chrome XP has a lot of bugs. There is not a small space on the right side of the clock and you can also discard other things. But if you want to find it and find the icon of the start menuTo match your preferences, as described above, using Chrome XP, your XP aging machine will be a bit more modern and somewhat easier. And, of course, it’s not bad.

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