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City Bus Simulator Mnchen 1

Simulator games allow players to take part in activities that they would never otherwise get to try the flight of the fighter to perform surgery. As the name implies, City Bus Simulator Munchen see players take on the role of the bus driver. This prodovzhennya2010-hCityBus Simulator New York City moves the action in Munich. 100 line, commonly called the Museum Line, is the ultimate place to play.

Take vulitsiOsnovna premise of the game is simple: you choose from three different types of buses, sit down, and ride around the city Myunhenapidbyrayuchy passengers and paslyamarshrutu. http://murvetkircabulut.com.tr/index.php/2016/10/30/freight-train-simulator-1-32bit-cutie-torrent/ Unlike many racing games, there is no point to drive fast or crash into things, indeed, this is what you want if you have a bus full of innocent pasazhiriv.Detalne simulation of real tires vykorystovuvanyhna 100 line gives you complete control funktsyyamivashahabus stop from start and to open the door, adjusting mirrors and even communicate with depo.Vash schedule is tightly controlled, so be careful; You do not want to be either early or late to pick up passengers.

vyvchennyamarshrutuMiskiy Bus Simulator Munchen prahoditsmima moreMunich dozens of tour routes, including the National Museum, Haus Der Kunst and Prinzregentenplatz. As the interior of the bus and control, they are in perfect and precise detail. Weather conditions change and realistic, and also in the forest of colorful umbrellas stairs vzdovzhvulits, kolipochinaetsyadosch.elektronniy navigator handles passenger bus ads and provides information on the monitors, but you should not use it if you do not feel like it. Keep in mind that these ads are on nimetskomumovoyu – you are in Munich, in the end – though therethe ability to add subtitles in English movoyu.Rozrobka controls may take some practice, but after a few attempts you will be able to control every aspect of your bus. There are several chiplyayetsyaz control group – for example, in the way some rulvstaeof the indicators of the dashboard, so you have to zoom in on them from time to time may be a little harder while driving. In general, however, it is very realistic simulator, with all the good and bad things yakityahne along. After all, driving a city avtobusvakol not very excitinggameplay.

God save the driver avtobusaKilka features of the user interface aside, City Bus Simulator Munchen is detailed and realistic simulation, well, urban management bus Myunheni.NaskilkyVy enjoy the game much budezalezhats howThis concept appeals to you. For maximum fun, you want to play a game with a controller driving wheels; it is clear how it is intended to play.


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