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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 16

Li PowerDVD Ultra Multilingual

Li PowerDVD Ultra has more than 300 million copies, a number of film and media player PowerDVD worlds highest quality, serving the most immersive entertainment media for selling a computer. PowerDVD 16 is now an award-winning experience on your big screen TV to this amazing new ekartzenTV from which you atmosphere to create a theater in your home.

TV to bring down house Movies!

New off kachestvofilm TV said the film enjoyed ervaringJy the comfort of yourbank. Immerse yourself in movies this experience than anything you’ve gozatuaurretik.

PowerDVD Remote

Sit back and relax navigate entertainment and control using your phone. PowerDVD Remote renew TV mind.

better than the original quality

Cyber ​​Links unique TrueTheater enhancements and even Blu-ray Hi-Def video quality, and the difference hobetzekoEgiten ekranTV great films to be seen to be believed to be seen. Immerse yourself in the richest colors, sharp images, the image meestegedetailleerde photoquality and surround sound that you will sit in the middle of the deep dynamic blown araberaekintzaren.

Media Big Screen for casting

No other media player compatible with Windows 10 Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast support streaming. With PowerDVD 16 so it can be sent wirelessly to the media on the big screen.

3 of the biggest benefits

Power Up Your Casting device: video, audio or snimkaformati born onartzenRoku, Apple TV or a Chromecast, will be PowerDVD they draaiDit, in real time.

outstandingContent: You can PowerDVDs Improved award-winning audio and video quality with TrueTheater technology to apply to current thing.

Wireless and effortless, video, music or photo format to watch any daitekeRoku PowerDVD, Apple TV transmitted through TV or Chromecasts. No wires, no fuss.

Enhanced 4K Review

PowerDVD is the only Blu-ray player is fit to plant UltraHD 4K screens ahead. Intelligent delivery play technology performance custom screen, which means that without duatzerapenik eventhough the new Ultra HD 4K TV smooth play.

Film Quality Audio Playback

For a truly immersive movie experience you need outstanding sound. PowerDVD master quality sound technology and DTS leader in professional digital audioDolby onartzen.Gozatu specialized acoustic sound and lossless multi-channel audio, such as FLAC and DSD formats.

A deep commitment to New TrueTheater

Turn and closed with PowerDVDres of the world, some Windows 10 with a special ability to Blu-Ray and DVD players, andaudio to create surround handitubideo eveloping area.

Expanded format support

PowerDVD video, audio and image formats, which means that it supports a wide range of playing almost any media. Supports the latest in video format and codecs, as well as unprecedented eskainizonartzen audio format, which Nana PowerDVD local all-around fun home theater or PC / laptop ervaringDit.

Fast Start-Up with Instant Play

Instant Play technology specifications PowerDVDs said PowerDVD 16 forfaster loading and smaller footprint than previous systems uztenbertsioak. Take a look at how much faster our demo video playback software PowerDVD 16 is compared with the others to see.

Super-lightweight Slow Motion Action

PowerDVDs smart rendering technology and 120/240 fps reproduction. PowerDVD avtomatichnootkrivane dezakemonitoreak your playing skills and adjusts accordingly perfekgladde slow-motion video, you can enjoy an extra plug-ins, or a set of changes.

Entertainment online

the useof PowerDVD you can enjoy online video:

Pin (download) YouTube videos, play online

Play nailed video fast-forward or slow-p

Group favorite videos by playlist

Upscale content YouTube HD on-the-fly with TrueTheater HD

TrueTheater 3D 2D video to YouTube 3D

Use youtubes Watch Later feature

group Lookgogorik

allow adjustment opsiesPowerDVD can fit your needs. Hide media panel to streamline and interface part of the wallpaper background players.

start whereyou stopped watching

When films TVserie, and even look more, see photo albums will automatically remember PowerDVD where you finish, and resume watching the last village.

Li PowerDVD Ultra 16 system requirements:

Microsoft Windows10 / 8, 7.

TV off PowerDVD Cinema mode succeeds, and the goal is simple and intuïtiefematekoNahi big screens to watch movies that user interface. PowerDVD 16 also makes it possible to put video, audio and photos to various devices. Here is a complete list of newfeatures in PowerDVD 16.

* All the new TV system, which helps to create the theater experience in your home.

In * Cast Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, or telephone media.

Play media varicose displeisvarzan Miracast-enabled devices and HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, D-Sub connection. *

TrueTheaterMeer improvements smarter and sharper improved algorithm.

Playing protected videos stored edukiaSeeQVault * devices.

Resume to play video files in the folder My Computer and Windows brands.

Personal settingsimport and update the previous version media.

* Support for audio output DSD (Digital StreamZuzeneko).

3D MVC codec FLAC audio codec, and contribute MKVvideo files.

* Extract audio files to stop multiple video or video folder completely unexpected.

VobSubMKV built support subtitle, and MP4 video and external government subtitles MKV files are compressed.

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