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DFX Audio Enhancer 11

DFX Audio Enhancer provides great power to your digital music files, and improve the quality of music to listen to and improve the sound quality of the music played on your computer, whether it’s music that you own, or listening to music online.


The developers claim that the DFX Audio Enhancer you can transform the sound of your PC VC that of expensive stereo system “is installed in the best environment to listen.”

DFX Audio Enhancer, it seems to work with a variety of services such asnamuziki video sites YouTube, Pandora and Netflix, with music services such as iTunes, Spotify, VLC, QuickTime and other players press.

Old interface looks old

Tamnet other way to say it – DFX Audio Enhancer looks tacky. It has the kind of visibility “control center”, which ilikuwamaarufu in the early 2000s and that looks simply awesome today.

DFX Audio Enhancer Unwaithchi pass appear, and you’ll be disappointed to find that the sliders work inthe free version.
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You can only enable or disable various options, such as honesty and HyperBass.


TheKwa fact, however, DFX Audio Enhancer, do not appear to add anything more to the body a little bit more of your music. However, it allows you to control the depth of stereo, renew stereo depth, add your audio levels and produce a deep rich bass sound.

piaUnaweza you do that and more full-featured media player or parametrovzvuk settings on your computer, butMany users appreciate the ease of management all are added through one interface.


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