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Digimon Adventure Tri: Loss 2018

Fathom events and TOEI movies make the digital world a huge night special screen in DIGIMON ADVENTURE three: loss. After starting the system and displaying Meicoomon, Tai and friends come into the digital world to discover their partners.Digimon has lost all memory. Digimon 3 Adventure: The loss is still reflected in the DIGIMON weapon of three games. Chapters 1-3 and the new conversation with Joshua Seth.

Fathom and TOEI Animation activities are excellent digital screens for one special nightDIGIMON ADVENTURE Three: Soekistence, which includes all of your favorite Digimons and special interviews with actors and crew! The arrival of furious Meikoomon began counting the fall of the real world. There are abnormalities everywhere.Digimon, who appeared by distortion, waited for this time

Events Fathom and TOEI Animation bring digital world in the big screen on a special night in DIGIMON ADVENTURE Three: In the future, present all of Digimon’s favorite and interviews with actors and crew!DigiDestined suffered this extreme level; Friends are lost, there is a new threat from Digimon’s mysterious and new creation, and the real world is dangerous to Digital Worl. DigiDestined must stand together to save our friends and our world.

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