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All of this is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox application that adds new, improved download capabilities to your browser.

If you really want to load everything on a page, it’s a rather cumbersome process. Everything gets easier through everything.

This smart download manager knows absolutely nothing about downloading on the download page. Choose from the simple menu the things you want to download by setting up praportsi.If you immediately see who of them – its images, videos, audio files etc. by extensionfilename.

You can also improve your downloads with customizable criteria to get only the types of files you really want.
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In addition, download DownThemAll! – is the speed of lightning – much faster than the default bootloaderFirefox, which is bad at all for the imagination.

Developers of DownThemAll! They claim that it could be 400% faster, and it could be a dilemma. I have no doubt that it goes very fast. Of course, supported download also restore so that it can only leave DownThemAll!work when you leave or from your computer and finally get all the necessary files.

All this is a brilliant plugin that should be default in Firefox.


Marked as compatible with Firefox 6. *

Solution: Potential and proven (insignificant) memory leaks

The language code has been updated


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