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DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink DVD compresses-drives save space when they are backed up.

DVD Download you can create free media copies that you have. Even if you’ve never used a storage software, you will find DVD Reduced easy and easy. In addition, it works with many DVD-ROM vehicles, thanks to the built-in algorithms in decryption.

Using DVD Shrink is easy: Insert DVD, which you want to close and unlock in the app. You will see DVD on the left, and also be a staneKabto see any part of the DVD in the player. If you want to create an extra copy of one item, just click on the Security button!

If you want to select a certain section and create a new one, you must click on the Re-button author. DVD Shrink algorithm compresses audio and video files, which can be stored or recorded on DVD single-layer media. ODIN 0.3
This means that you can store more media in small space, or on a single-layer DVD player.

DVD Shrink budezahavatsAll extra copies of the file on the hard drive, and make sure you have enough space. Then you can use your favorite DVD firearm to put everything in a disk.

DVDShrink is a good way to save space when it comes to security media.


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