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Easy Video Maker

Ironically, Easy Video Maker is one of the more complex programs I’ve ever used to register movies for free. User-friendly and intuitive is not.

How to make a movie?

In short, Easy Video Maker offers a rather messy and busy user interface. It has many buttons and options that are not clear at all. Although there is a manual that will help you, it does not provide any suggestions other than the obvious.

You can add pictures, sounds, movies, or textCreate your own screen as a video. However, it does not create a video. Then drag this option to the timeline and place it in the background or video field (something not recommended by the manual). But the difference between the background and video fields remains a mystery, just like the way video sounds are added.
Collage Maker 3

Halo 1990

In addition to the ugly and confusing look, Easy Video Maker is not hot in any of the features. His choices seem misleading and it is not clear what he refers tothe options and their features. For example, “special effects of lines”: what does it really mean and what it does and what video elements? It’s wonderful.

Delivering video same slow process. Maybe 10 years ago Easy Video Maker is an example of an easy way to make movies, but this type of program has grown significantly in both Windows and mobile devices, and now it seems outdated.

I need a new name

If, as a video created by beginners, download Easy Video Maker anddespondent, because this process looks like branch complications, do not worry. There are also other programs that really make video creation easier by offering more advanced features like Free Video Editor VideoPad Video or Editor. The program has a catchy name, but it’s all that it gives benefits. RealZealSoft, Developers, provides more information (such as textbooks and tutorials) on your website.


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